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This summer marks Erika's one year anniversary here at Green Bird! I can't believe how fast time has flown by with this early Green Bird. Erika is one of the brave early risers and consistently comes to the 5am classes Monday through Friday. The whole Green Bird team is so inspired by Erika's dedication to her health and fitness over the past year (she's completed EVERY challenge we've held!) that we just had to celebrate her as the August Green Bird of the month! Read on to learn more about this adventurous teacher and native Austinite!


Michele has been taking classes at Green Bird for over a year now and we have loved every minute of it. She's around all the time, taking about 4-5 classes a week. Michele's sense of humor and smile make every class so much fun. There have been many classes where I am doubled over in laughter because of something Michele (and Kelly's, Michele's daughter, is probably there too piling on) says. We couldn't imagine 5am classes without Michele! Read below to find out more about Michele, her fitness goals, and bucket list!

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We can't believe it's already been 1 year that Keri has been teaching classes! Keri is such a positive light every time she is in the studio. She motivates you so gently and then all of a sudden you realize how much you're working. Fun facts about Keri: she has 6 sisters and is originally from Canada! Learn more about this sweet and fabulous gal below! Here's to many years together at Green Bird!

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Lacie has been a Green Bird for over a year now. I first met Lacie when she was pregnant with her little one, Owen. It's been amazing to watch Lacie grow stronger and stronger. We love her happy mood and smile no matter how much she is sweating at the barre. Lacie was an easy choice to highlight this month as our Green Bird of the Month with her can-do attitude and ability to push through a 3 minute plank with no problem!


It's been a fun month of music at the barre and on the mat! We've linked to a few of our favorite playlists, so you can have your own dance party!

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We can't believe it's been one year since Lacey started teaching here at Green Bird! With her teaching anniversary coming up in May we thought it would be fun to learn more about this hip hop-blasting barre-ista.

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Meet Kathy Wittig! She has been a dedicated Green Bird since the very first week we opened our doors back in January. Kathy comes twice a week taking one Barre and one Pilates class per week in addition to her weekly Zumba classes. I've seen nothing but hard work and grit from Kathy in every single class. She perseveres through every plank, push-up, squat, and anything else we throw out at her.

Kathy told me once of the time she really saw how much core strength she had gained and I just have to share the story. Her grandchildren (ranging in age from elementary to middle school) were having a plank contest at her house. Kathy thought, "Hey I can do this." So Kathy got behind the couch and started her own plank out of sight from her grandkids. Then her grandkids found her and started cheering her on. She beat them all with a 2.5 minute plank! Amazing!

Get to know a bit more about Kathy with our interview below!


Introducing our first Green Bird Instructor Spotlight series! First up is Nina, the first instructor that I hired once the studio was up and running! I have known Nina for a few years now before she became a fitness instructor. The story goes like this: Green Bird Fitness started inside Premiere Dance Center (just across the street from the current studio location). It was just me and I taught 10 classes a week. Nina and I worked together at another studio and we would always chat between classes. I told her about starting Green Bird and she told me her dream of teaching Pilates. Nina would say, "Let me know when you need to hire instructors!" I would tell her, "I hope I get to the point where I need to hire instructors!"

Then a year went by and Green Bird grew into its very own studio space. It was still just me teaching classes. In February, I put out the very first call for hiring instructors and guess who was the very first applicant?! Nina, of course! And the rest is history.

It's been so exciting to see Nina grow as an instructor over the past 7 months. Nina's...


Karen Bean has been a Green Bird since February attending 3-5 classes consistently. She always brings a positive attitude and gives every move her all. We've seen her improve in leaps and bounds in the past 7 months. Karen is so strong and has beautiful technique. We couldn't be happier that she is the first Green Bird of the Month! Learn more about Karen and how awesome she is below!

Crow Pose

Arm balances can seem scary if you've never done them before or you're just beginning to explore these poses. Well, nerves be gone! Here are a few poses and stretches you can do to prep for an arm balance. It's important to stretch your hips, strengthen your core, and practice practice practice.


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