Getting Away: Lampasas, TX

At first glance, it may seem like Lampasas, TX can't be that exotic or interesting to visit. I'll admit that right before I went out there for the first time I was skeptical. Whenever I go out there I spend time alternating between coffee on the porch and walking around the great expanse of land. There's also a strong possibility that some Yoga in the Hill Country takes place as well. Since it's a little colder, rainier, and darker these days I thought it would be fun to dream of sunnier days.

Getting out in the hill country is great way to de-stress and be active. We don't have internet or TV out there and I barely get a phone signal. Just the way the countryside should be.

Fall Colors Lampasas
Country Side
Sammy fall Time
Sunset with Cabin
Sunset Lampasas