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So Fresh and So Clean

I teach anywhere from 2-4 Pilates classes per week which translates to a lot of sweating. My skin takes a beating during the day, so I owe it to my present and future self to take care of my skin. I need gentle, but deep cleaning products to keep my skin fresh and healthy post-workout.

Through a lot of trial and error process I have come upon some really great products by Lush! Lush Cosmetics are environmentally friendly, not animal tested, and made with fresh ingredients.

My skin physically feels lighter and cleaner when I use it and there's no redness after use! Below are my post-workout favorites:

  • Whoosh Jelly: Such a great all around body soap. The fresh smell invigorates me and I feel energized after that 5 am morning shower.
  • Ocean Salt: Super light and all-natural exfoliate. No beads or plastics that will pollute the environment. Just fresh lime juice, avocado butter, and sea salt. This is probably my favorite of the three. It's gentle, but at the same really scrubs off the dead skin. I feel lighter every time I use it.
  • Mask of Magnanimity: Such an intense mask! I love how thick and creamy it use. Feels cool to the touch. I try to limit this to once a week just because it's powerful.
  • Shampoo Bar: No conditioner needed! Just rub the bar into your hands and then onto your hair. Presto! Super smooth and soft hair!
  • Cuticle Butter: A little dab of this thick and butter lotion is enough for your cuticles. All those planks, dumbbell moves, and push-ups add up on your hands. I love the way my hands feel after a little bit of this cuticle butter.
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