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Lacey Davis

Barre Instructor

Lacey is an energetic instructor with a passion for fitness on many levels. While her classes are challenging and will make you sweat, you'll quickly figure out how fun it is to be part of a high-energy class that moves to some great tunes! Lacey has been involved in sports and fitness all of her life, it took one class back in 2011 to have her hooked on Pilates and barre. After having a baby in 2011, Pilates is the program she credits to quickly getting her post-baby body into shape and making her stronger than ever. Lacey loved taking barre classes so much she decided to become a certified PulsePointe barre instructor in 2015 in hopes of helping her future students find their love for barre as well. She continued her training in 2016 with Lauren Whitehead, the Co-Founder of Green Bird Fitness, which made her a confident instructor and greatly increased her knowledge in teaching and fitness altogether. Her classes are designed to keep your head in the game by working out to upbeat music and positively motivating you along the way to get the most out of each class.

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