Lisa Villareal

Yoga Instructor

Lisa is a playful and intuitive yoga instructor who pulls from her years of competitive gymnastics, dance training and performance, and yoga study, to teach her students the best that yoga has to offer – intuitive movement, proper alignment, strength and flexibility, mindfulness and breathing, and the balance between striving and letting go. When she isn’t teaching and practicing yoga, she’s life coaching, writing poetry and prose, reading, knitting, swimming in Barton Springs, and hanging out with her rat terrier Chloe June Bloom. Lisa holds a JD and a Masters in Social Work from Washington University, as well as a BA in Psychology and Spanish from Trinity University. She received her yoga certification from Black Swan Yoga. Rainer Maria Rilke gave her one of her favorite quotes:

"I want to unfold.

I don’t want to stay folded anywhere...”

Come join one of her classes and unfold!