The Green Bird Fitness Instructor Training Program is a 40-hour intensive program that prepares instructors to teach high quality, fun, and safe barre classes for all levels of fitness.

Upon completion of the Green Bird Fitness Instructor Training Program trainees will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in the following:

  • Create dynamic and interesting playlists
  • Lead a barre class with a variety of cues, anatomical, motivational, and directional
  • Ensure clients' safety throughout a barre class

Each trainee will be required to teach at least 2 Community Classes as a final audition to become a Green Bird Fitness instructor.

The inaugural Green Bird Barre Instructor Training Program will take place July 7th-August 5th

To Apply

Green Bird Fitness is currently looking for new instructors to learn and teach our signature Barre classes. Candidates who are considering apply should take into account the following qualifications:

• Pilates, Barre, Fitness, or Yoga certification

• Previous teaching experience in Pilates. Barre, group fitness or personal training

• Creative fitness programming that can be attainable for all levels of fitness

• Ability to cue and describe anatomical technique to clients in an approachable way

• Strong musicality

• Degree in Dance or Exercise Science is highly recommended

To apply to be a Green Bird Fitness instructor, prepare your résumé and a cover letter stating what you love about Green Bird Fitness, why you want to be an instructor, and how long you've been taking barre classes to