Crow Pose

Arm Balances 101

Arm balances can seem scary if you've never done them before or you're just beginning to explore these poses. Well, nerves be gone! Here are a few poses and stretches you can do to prep for an arm balance. It's important to stretch your hips, strengthen your core, and practice practice practice.

Stretch Your Hips

Another important aspect of almost all arm balances is hip flexibility and mobility. You can stretch your hips in Runners Lunge, Lizard, and Warrior 2. With the flexibility in the hips you also need strength in your hips and that's where warrior poses come into use.

Runners Lunge

Runners Lunge with a Backbend

Lizard Pose


Warrior 2

Warrior 2

Strengthen Your Core

It may seem like you need the strongest arms in the world to perform an arm balances, but what really comes down to is core strength. Arm balances are all about, well, balance. How do you strengthen your core? Pilates!

Plank in Train Car


Scissor Kick

Scissor Kicks



Put It All Together

Once you've practiced the above stretches and exercises you can start to put it all together. Below are some ideas for strengthening your core and stretching your hips all at once!


Chaturanga Push-ups

Go for 4-6 Chaturanga Push-ups to challenge your triceps, shoulders and core!

Beast Pose

Beast Pose

Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Repeat two more times.

Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose

Hold this pose and alternate bringing one leg up at a time. Go for 4-6 on each side.

Plank Knee Pull

Plank with a Knee Pull

Alternate knee pulls 10-12 times then rest. Repeat two more times.

The Final Product: Crow

This is a great arm balance to begin with. You want to bring your shin to the top of your upper arm. You can start by rocking into the pose and rocking out. Then hold the pose with both feet on the ground. Try brining