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Beat the Heat

We are hosting Pilates in the Park at Belterra and Yoga in the Park at Dick Nichols Park this summer. Temperatures are heating up, so here are some tips for staying cool and safe during our outdoor workouts.

1. Drink Plenty of Water the Day Before

You are going to sweat a lot during an outdoor workout in Austin, Texas. Make sure you drink plenty of water the day before. It's all about playing the long game. Giving yourself that extra day of purposeful hydration will ensure you aren't playing the "catch-up game" the day of. Make the investment ahead of time. You'll be hydrated and feeling ready if you have had plenty of water to drink the day before an outdoor workout as well as the day of.

2. Bring Water to Class

You're properly hydrated before heading to class, but you gotta keep hydrated as you move through class. At about the halfway mark of class you should be halfway through your water. You may not feel like you need water, but it's better to drink water regularly throughout class than wait until you are really thirsty and sweaty.

3. Wear Sunscreen

Protect your skin and apply sunscreen before you head to class. Even 10-15 minutes in the Texas sun can lead to a sunburn. You'll also be able to work through your future workouts without feeling uncomfortable from a sunburn.

4. Know Your Strength and Pace Yourself

If you need a break don't be afraid to take a child's pose, grab some water, or towel off. You know what you need and you know how much you can push your body. Take it easy on yourself. If you feel like you need to rest then rest. It's hot and you don't want to overdo your practice.

5. Arrive 5-10 minutes early

Arriving a little early will allow you some time to breathe and get settled in. You'll be able to find a spot to set up without feeling rushed. Also, if you have any injuries or conditions then this is the time you can talk to the instructor and let them know.

6. Prepare

Preparation happens in a couple different ways. Eat a light snack before you head out the door. You want to ensure your body has enough fuel to get you through the workout.

If you are new to yoga or a little nervous about heading to a group class try some moves at home or at a park. You don't need any equipment and you can practice a few poses without feeling self-conscious.

The Green Bird Fitness classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness, so don't be shy about just showing up and giving a class a shot!.