Break Up the Work Day

You've probably heard how sitting for long periods of time can be bad for your health. It can adversely affect your posture, metabolism, circulation, muscle tone, and the list goes on. I used to work for state government in a small cubicle. I panicked when I first got there. How was I supposed to stay active throughout the day in such a small environment? How was I supposed to stay motivated if I was the only one in the office who wanted to take walks on my break? Well, I have put together a list of all the crazy and not-so-crazy things I did to stay active throughout the work day. When I first started I had low back pain, my neck was stiff, and my energy decreased. After integrating these exercises into my day my pain went away, and my focus and energy increased. It was a win for my body and my work performance.

How to Get Moving During the Work Day

-Take a lap around the building at 10am and 2pm. One lap took about five minutes. If I felt feisty I would take two laps to make it a full 10 minute break.

-Climb the stairs. Going up and down, lunging on each stair, bunny hops, one legged hops, high knees, walking up sideways, and taking the stairs two at a time were a just a few ways I would take the stairs on breaks. This would also help with the monotony of walking a stairwell for 10-15 minutes by myself.

-10 push-ups every hour. By the end of the day you have done 80 push-ups!

-Squats in the cubicle.

-Arm circle to stretch out my shoulders.

-Shoulder Shrugs, stretch my torso side to side.

-Take four laps around the building on my lunch break. This took about 30 minutes to do.

-Standing barre exercises at my desk. Plié squats, fourth position, mini-first, and waterski.

-Just walk outside and breathe the fresh air.

-Sit at my desk and try to lift my legs off the floor. This would engage my core.

-Fist pumps to the ceiling. It was like silent cheering/boxing in my cube. This also just made me laugh and brightened my mood.