Sun Salutation

Everyday Yoga Poses for a Home Practice

There are a few yoga poses that are my go-to for a home practice. No matter how long I do yoga, whether it's 15 minutes or an hour, I aim to include these poses every time. These poses are relatively easy to modify with zero equipment.

Cat and Cow Pose

These two poses are a wonderful combination to stretch the back and the chest. You may even feel a stretch through your abdominals. Move through cat and cow pose 5-10 times. Take this at your own pace, you can move through the poses at a slightly brisk pace or hold the poses a little longer depending on how you are feeling that day.

Cat and Cow Pose

Child's Pose

This is the perfect pose for relaxation and recharge. Child's Pose is your home. I come down to this pose when I need a break or rest. I also use this pose to stretch my back body and shoulders. Reach your hips down to the floor as you reach through your arms and fingers at the same time. This feeling of opposition through you body can make Child's Pose feel more active and deepen the stretch.

Childs Pose

Forward Fold

This is a gentle inversion where you can get the feeling of being upside down without pressure on the head and neck. Forward fold will stretch your entire back body from the calves to the hamstrings through the glutes and the back to the head.

Forward Fold

Down Dog and Down Dog with Hip Opener

Down Dog is another wonderful inversion where you can stretch your back body. This pose also helps you build shoulder strength and endurance. Reach your chest towards your thighs for a little extra chest stretch. The hip opener addition is nice for building more core strength and getting a more intense hip stretch. I love adding the leg off the ground to stretch through my abdominals as well.

Down Dog

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose is wonderful for opening your hips and preparing for full splits. This stretch feels nice after a long day of sitting at a desk or after a hard barre class. When my hips are tight from either of those scenarios pigeon pose is a great way to stretch them back out. You can start pigeon pose on your hands then graduate to your forearms. If you are feeling good on your forearms try reaching all the way out in front of you and laying chest over you front leg.

Pigeon Pose

Mountain Pose with a Baby Back Bend

Stand with your feet hips width apart and spread your arms out and up above your head. Think about bending through your upper back as opposed to your low back. Make sure your shoulder are away from your ears. I love this pose to finish out a sun salutation. I also take this pose before preparing for a balance pose to help me feel centered.

Mountain Pose