Exercising While on the not easy

As I mentioned in my last blog post on stretching while on a road trip, I was not able to exercise as much as I liked. There were 4 days of driving for 8+ hours. It was really intense. I did bring a Theraband on our trip and was able to do a little something in the evening. These moves focus on opening your chest and building strength in your postural muscle, the exact muscles that are weakened and become tight while sitting for long periods of time.

Overall, this workout is simple, but not easy. I would go through these upper body exercises when I could during the trip then finish with the stretches from the last blog post. When I did these exercises and the stretches it only took about 20 minutes. After a full day of driving that was definitely plenty!

With a busy travel schedule my advice is to keep it simple. You may already feel overwhelmed and stressed from the day. Be gentle with your body and go easy on yourself. It's been a long day, so just do what you can.


Tricep Overhead Presses and Dips are awesome! They help to work your triceps (of course), but you also engage your back muscles and stabilize your core. I performed Tricep Dips after the Tricep Overhead Presses for an added burnout. Make sure you are only bending your elbows during Tricep Dips. A common mistake is to let your legs do the work. You want the back of your arms to burn! If you need more challenge take a leg off the ground! Go for 16 Full Range Tricep Overhead Presses/Dips then 16 pulses.


Tricep Overhead Press

Make sure your upper arms is reaching in towards your face in order to activate your triceps. Keep the arm stable as bend and extend through your elbow.


Tricep Dips

Finger tips are facing your hips. Lift your hips off the ground then shift shoulders over wrists. You can walk the feet further away from the body or add a leg off the ground for more intensity.

Back and Shoulders

Lat Pulls and Lawnmower Rows were a lifesaver on the trip. I focused on pulling my scapula down my back and into my imaginary back pockets during both of these moves. Also, for these two moves it is important to pull the low belly up and in towards your spine. Your abdominals will support your spine during the twist. Try 16 Full Range Single Lat Pulls/Lawnmower Rows and then 16 pulses. You can add a squat as you pull down on the lat pull (pictured) for extra leg work!


Lat Pulls

Feel like your shoulder blades are reaching down into your back pockets during a lat pull. You do this exercise standing tall with knees slightly bent or add in a squat to get your heart rate up.


Lawnmower Rows

Make sure you keep shoulders away from ears during this move. You can make this exercise as dynamic as you like. Get low in a squat and then open up the chest and stand tall to engage back and abdominals muscles during the twisting motion.