Four Exercises You Can Take With You on Vacation

Summer can get busy with trips, camps, and nights out. There are tons of reminders to work out in preparation for summer. So many people are telling you to get in shape for summer! Get that summer body!

Well, what if it's June, you're on vacation and you need a little pick-me-up? You had plenty of margaritas the night before and you just want to clear your head? You don't want a full one hour work out. You're on vacation! It would be nice though to move a little bit before you headed down to the pool. I have four exercises you can do to reload before you head out to the pool/beach/bar. These exercises require zero equipment and you can do them anywhere! You'll be done in about 10-15 minutes. This workout is also a nice add-on to the end of a run or a walk or you can even add it in to your yoga practice.


Push-ups are a great core and upper body workout. Go for 8 push-ups, 8 pulses (hovering about halfway down in your push-up), 8 push-ups, and then 8 pulses. You can modify by performing this sequence on your knees.


Everyone's favorite all-over body move! You either love planks or love to hate planks. Planks work everything without having to do a single crunch!

Start in a full plank and then do 8 pulses with each leg. Go for 8 knee pulls on each side in your plank and then hold your plank for 3 more breaths before coming down.


Side Plank

When you have conquered the plank move to the side plank. Make sure your wrist is underneath your shoulder. You can modify this by coming down on to your forearm.

Go for 8 hip dips and then hold the side plank for 30 seconds. For an extra challenge float the top leg into the air and hold in this balance.



Teaser builds strength in your hips, stabilizes your spine, challenges your abdominals, and improves your balance.

Hold 3 teasers each for 30 seconds. To modify you can bend your knees or bring your feet all the way down to the floor.