Refresh and Reset for Spring

You don't have to wait for next January to set new goals and resolutions. You can make positive changes as we head into spring. Spring is a time of renewal and growth. The wildflowers are blooming. The trees are turning green again, and the weather is beautiful right now. This 80 degree weather won't last long. Before you know it the days will be 90 degrees and hotter until October. Because the weather and our physical environment is in flux, a state of change and transition it's a good time for you to set some new goals too. They don't have to be huge life changing goals or they can be. These new intentions don't have to flip your world upside down or they can. The choice is yours, but whatever your strategy is I have some ideas on how to make those goals, what kinds of goals they can be, and how to get to those goals.

Where to Start

1. Dream Big: What makes your heart sing? What is your passion? Think of the big things that you want. For example, maybe you want to travel. See something new. Write all the big dreams and goals down.

2. Start Small: The life you have made, the habits you have formed, and the people you keep close weren't found, made, and integrated into your life in a day. Your goals shouldn't be like that either. Life, habits, and relationships take time and care. These are huge things. What are some small changes you can make today? This week? This month? Use that big dream to guide the small attainable goals. If you want to change to a healthy lifestyle with a firm work out regimen, new eating habits, and a happier attitude how are you going to get there? Working out 7 times a day for 2 hours a day will probably last less than a month. Then you feel burnt out, exhausted, and overwhelmed. This is not sustainable. Start with adding some more vegetables into your lunches. Start with a work out 2-3 times a week. Then start to ramp it up.

Be Accountable

1. Set benchmarks: In order to stay on those spring goals have a plan and set check-in points. You can't have a huge goal, some smaller ways to get there, and never check in on your progress. Assess how far you have come every week, every month, every day, whatever it takes for you. CELEBRATE THE WIN. There will be wins. There are always wins. Celebrate them! No matter how small, these wins mean you are working towards something big. You wanted to learn how to sew, so you set the benchmark that you would be signed up for classes by April 15. You'll learn how to sew a scarf in the first two weeks. By the end of the month you'll have made two crafts with your fledgling sewing skills

2. Set up Small Wins: if all your goals are hard and huge then when will you feel the progress? Set up some easy wins. You know they are easy wins. You can get to those easily within one day or one week. Give yourself something to celebrate. Be kind to yourself. You wanted to travel to an international location for the first time. Imagine, to get there you have to go through the passport process, budget for the trip, request time off of work, coordinate all the travel logistics with whoever else is going. It's a lot, but there are small wins along the way. You got the passport photo taken! Score! You identified the location you want to go to! Win! You bought a new winter jacket for the trip (you're going to London in October!)! Win!


My Spring Goals

It is all so amorphous until someone puts down their own experience. At least for me this is true. I need to see an example. I need to see someone following this. Without further ado my spring goals and a little strategy to get me there.

1. Cook More: I will try a new recipe every week. In addition, this recipe will have a new ingredient I haven't cooked with before. This will also benefit you because it will be on the blog and counts as my accountability!

2. Eat Less Sugar: It's hard to believe a fitness instructor can have a bug sugar tooth, but it's true! I love me some Sugar Mama's Bakeshop. You wanna talk about my dessert recommendations around Austin? Oh it's on. This may just have to be a blog on its own. I love dessert. With that said, I will relegate myself to a treat once a week. It's about eating less for me, and not about cutting this out.

3. Read more: Netflix has me. Netflix will have me a little less this spring. Reading a new book every month is the goal. It'll be nice to read a little more outside. Enjoy the sunshine. Getting out of the house and off the couch. I am already excited about this.

That's it. Just 3 goals. Any more than that and it would probably get too crazy for me. We'll start small and see where we are in June. Let me know if you come up with any spring goals! I would love to track our progress together.