Wake up and Flow

Mornings go quick and get quicker as the week progresses. Here is a small yoga flow you can do in the morning to stretch you out, wake you up, and get out the door in 10-15 minutes! You can do these poses in the order laid out here or pick and choose a few poses to hold and breathe through. If you flow through this sequence go for 3-5x to rev your engines and warm your body up. Remember to listen to your body and do what feels good for you.

Jeff Down Dog.png

Down Dog

This inversion will increase the blood flow to your head and wake your body up. (Coffee is still a helpful assistant.)

Jeff Plank.png


Planks work the entire body. This one of the best exercises you can do to challenge your core without doing a single crunch. You can come to your knees to modify this pose and make it a little less intense. Feel free to hold this for 5-10 breaths if you're feeling feisty.

Jeff Chaturanga.png

Chaturanga Dandasana

Whatever you call this hover off the floor it will fire up the upper body. Think about pulling your belly up and into your spine as you hover off the floor.

Jeff Up Dog.png

Up Dog

You can also keep your thighs on the floor and stretch the chest upwards for this juicy back bend.

Jeff Down Dog.png

Down Dog

Transition back to down dog and then into your low lunge (pictured below).

Jeff Low Lunge.png

Low Lunge

Lunges are wonderful hip openers and a counter stretch to all the sitting we do at our desks. It's a good idea to do a few lunges throughout a long day at the desk to bring blood flow and flexibility back into those tight hip flexors.

Jeff Lunge Back Bend.png

Low Lunge with a Back Bend

If you're feeling good then you can increase the hip stretch by bring your back knee to the floor. Stretch your arms up and over to create a back bend. Think about reaching up and back instead of just back behind you. This will help to decrease the pressure in the low back.

Jeff Forward Fold.png

Forward Fold

This stretches not only the back of thighs, but the entire back of the body. Forward folds are effective stretches for even the low back, upper back, neck, and head. Just like in down dog a forward fold will increase the blood flow to the rest of your body.

Jeff Gorilla.png


Reach through the top of your head and pull your belly up and into your spine. Gorilla is all about creating length and space through the spine.

Jeff Extended Mountain Pose.png

Extended Mountain Pose

Reach all the way up over head with a little baby back bend. Once you're at standing you can go back through this entire sequence backwards. Try flowing through this 3-5X or hold any of these stretches as your body wants to.