Work Out in a Pinch

Lately, I have been on this kick where I want to find short, but effective work outs I can fit in throughout the day. These work outs come from the thinking that there is no pressure. I think this needs to be said again for emphasis: There Is No Pressure. I am not training for anything, just trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle. If I can't get in my hour long Pilates work out, but I do this work out several times a day then I call it in a win. Try this out and let me know what you think.



This plank can be performed on your forearms, on your knees, or as in the picture. Hold the plank for 1 minute. Add rocking from the balls of the feet to the toes for more challenge.


Side Plank

Hold a side plank for 30 seconds. For more challenge add in 10 hip dips before switching sides. To perform a hip dip simply lower your hips 2-3 inches towards the ground and then ft back into the straight side plank line.

Repeat the plank and side plank series one more time!

Add 8 push ups while you are in the plank position for more challenge. You may need to take your hands wide to avoid shearing your elbows.


Side leg lift

Perform 8-10 full range side leg lifts. All the way to the floor and up as high as you can while you keep your hips stacked. Hold the leg at the highest point and do 16 pulses. Sweep the leg front and back (keeping hips stacked) 8 times and finish with 16 pulses. Switch sides. This can be done with or without the band in the picture.


Finish with Lunges!

Perform 16 lunges, 16 pulses, 16 lunges, and 16 pulses. Switch sides. Remember to keep your knee over ankle as you lower down and come up.


If you have time and you want more then you can add in my ab work out from two weeks ago. It was an flow through hundreds, bicycle, and scissor. For more details and pictures demonstrating the moves go check out Work Wednesday entry.