Yoga Core

Yoga for Your Core

Here are several ways you can work your core in a yoga sequence. You can add these into any yoga practice or do them on their own. This is also a little preview of what we will be working on tonight at Dick Nichols Park. See you there!

Down Dog to Plank and Kneeling Crunch

These are two ways you can work your core a little bit more during a sun salutation or vinyasa. The two variations challenge your balance and coordination while strengthening your abdominals.

Focus on linking your breath to the movement. Taking a deep inhale as you move to down dog and exhale as you pull the knee in and come to plank. Take a deep inhale as you extend the arm and leg out when you're in all fours, and then a big exhale as your pull knee to elbow.

Yoga Core

Balance and Flow

We will build on this sequence slowly, but surely until you are rocking that Warrior 3.

First, try moving the first part of the sequence 3-6 times before you try pushing from the lunge straight into Warrior 3.

Then put the two pieces together, so you move from Warrior 3 back to your lunge and then push to your balance with the leg kicked forward.

You'll notice that you will also feel work in the standing leg. The standing leg is working hard to keep balance and stabilize so the rest of the body can move.

Yoga Balance