Yoga in the Park Group.jpg

Yoga in the Rain

Yoga in the Park this week was one for the books. It started out like any other yoga class. People started arriving around 6:15pm. Everyone was getting settled in, maybe doing a few stretches or talking with the person beside them. The Sierra Club members were getting back from their hike and in great spirits.

I knew there was a 30-40% chance of rain right smack dab in the middle of our yoga class time. But you know how that goes. In Texas we can have a huge chance of rain and then no rain comes. We can feel cool and need a jacket in the morning. By the afternoon, you're wondering why in the world you wore that jacket.

As everyone was settling in we noticed the huge dark rain clouds when you looked east and then sunny skies when you looked west. Which would ultimately win out?

The Rain.

It was the rain.


We began our yoga practice like any other time. I told everyone that if it started raining and they needed to leave that's ok. I said I would stay until the last person was here.

About 5 minutes in the rain started.

About 10 minutes in it was pouring rain.

Everyone stayed.

Over time a few people left. It was cold, rainy, and everyone's yoga mat was a river. Totally made sense to leave, but there were about 20 people who stayed and we had a great time.

We were even able to protect our phones and shoes by putting them in the big plastic yoga mat tub. Perfect! Wet phones were no longer an excuse to leave. You could be present and enjoy the rain and movement.

Yoga in the Park Balance.jpg

If you haven't tried it....reverse warrior feels amazing in the rain. Your face is to the sky and the rain is falling directly on to your cheeks (and eyes, mouth, nose, forehead, etc. etc.). My strategy was to keep us moving and flow with the rain.

Group Yoga.jpg

I felt like a kid again playing in the rain. We are so used to avoiding the rain as adults that was it was freeing to play in the rain. It was wonderful to stay and enjoy the water.

Then, of course, the rain ended right at the end of class. It's funny how those things always work out. It started raining during class and ended when we were done which meant group picture time!

Rain and Mats.jpg

We only have photos from the sunny parts (as our phones were safely protected and out of sight), but you can see the dry grass under that mats and the wet grass all around with the above picture.

Moral of the story: If you are willing to play and have a sense of humor then nothing can bring you down.

Thanks to everyone who made it out! It was a fun time and I can't wait to see what the next Yoga in the Park brings!