On Demand Classes

Greenbird Fitness classes are now completely online

On Demand Classes

$19.99 per month

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How it works:

1) Each week 5 new pre-recorded classes will be uploaded. The schedule is:

So far all classes do not include the use of any equipment. You just need yourself, a mat, and a "barre". Your "barre" can be a wall, chair, bed, anything that is still to be your arm on.

Due to popular demand, we will begin to add classes using Therabands, Resistance Loops, and a Pilates ball to some classes! If you do not have a ball and bands at home we will have an online store going live in the next few days with a low cost package of gently loved equipment from the studio. More info coming soon!

3) The classes will disappear after 2 weeks to make way for the new classes. There's also room for growth in our weekly class offerings including classes using equipment and additional class formats.

Here are the instructions on how to access the virtual classes:

- Click on this link to access the virtual platform

- Create an account/login to get started

- You'll have to enter your credit card info to complete the sign up

- Subscribe to "Receive Updates"

- You can find your Greenbird videos under My Library, and Watch Later on any screen of your choosing. I also suggest bookmarking this link: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/greenbirdfitnessonline

- Want to watch on your TV? Here's how!

Let me know if you have any questions or if the link doesn't work by emailing lauren@greenbirdfitness.com