Virtual Studio

You can take Greenbird classes 7 days a week online!

On Demand Classes

$19.99 per month

The Vimeo Library is still Live!

You can still access the full Vimeo library of online classes whenever you like!

How it works:

There are over 100 virtual classes already uploaded and ready for you! Every class is designed for anyone beginner to and advanced. Plus, each week 3 BRAND NEW pre-recorded classes will be uploaded. Classes range from Pilates to Barre to Pilates-Barre Mix to Barre+Kickboxing

We integrate the Pilates ball, Therabands, and resistance loops in our classes. You also need a mat, and a "barre". Your "barre" can be a wall, chair, bed, anything that is still to be your arm on.

Here are the instructions on how to access the virtual classes:

- Click on this link to access the virtual platform

- Create an account/login to get started

- You'll have to enter your credit card info to complete the sign up

- Subscribe to "Receive Updates"

- You can find your Greenbird videos under My Library, and Watch Later on any screen of your choosing. I also suggest bookmarking this link:

- Want to watch on your TV? Here's how!

Let me know if you have any questions or if the link doesn't work by emailing