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It’s been a really crazy week....couple weeks....month....several months? What is time anymore? This little baby has been a light through it all. With Jackson we can do anything. 💚 Jackson LOVES to stand, so he’ll be joining us at the barre any day now. See y’all in class this week! Got a fun equipment class planned! Still have equipment packs for sale if you need some including TRXs and a Ring-Ball Pack.

Big news! Due to popular demand, we are going to incorporate some equipment into our virtual classes starting next week. You’ll need a Theraband, Resistance Loop, and a Pilates Ball (we’ll add the ring in the coming weeks). If you need equipment, you can purchase gently loved equipment in one convenient pack from our online store. This equipment was used in the studio, it’s been cleaned and disinfected for you. The equipment pack includes a Theraband and Resistance Loop in the color of your choice, a Pilates Ball, and Pilates Ring for $35. You can either have the pack shipped to you or you can pick it up at The Santa Fe porch (contactless pick up!) Packs can be purchased via the link in bio! Excited to add in more fun to classes!

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Birthday to my dad. He would be the big 7-0 today. Reflecting on all the wonderful birthday and Father’s Day spent with you. Wishing you could meet Jackson because I know you would have been the best grandpa to him. Miss you every day and feel so lucky to have shared so many good times together.