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The Work Out

At Texas Green Bird Fitness we believe that workouts are meant to be fun. Our workouts are for everybody. You don't have to be a professional athlete or a warrior. No experience necessary because you are already STRONG. You are even stronger than you think you are. Yes, you! This is your work out. You made the time out of your busy day to come to us and work it out! Therefore we are going to give it our all to challenge you and to support you. Let's do this!

Texas Green Bird Fitness uses the principles of Pilates to provide a core-centered work out. It's fun. It's intense. We're going to make you work!

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Enjoy your first class at Green Bird Fitness on us and then 20% off your first class package purchase.

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We are loving your enthusiasm for these special 75 minute Yoga Flow Classes! Join us for our next one this Sunday at 4:15pm co-taught by @laurenpilates and @juicyjuneyoga. This class is centered around refreshing our bodies and minds for the new year. There’s a lot going on the first month of 2019, so it’s important to take some time for yourself to breathe, stretch, and sweat. ✨Book your spot on Mindbody!

In preparation for the #GoalsandGratitude Challenge we’re writing out our goals for 2019 and what we’re thankful for. There are tags at the studio to write their goals and gratitude on. We’ll string them all up on our 2019 Goals Board to keep each other accountable. Studies show that you’re more likely to reach a goal when 1) You also know what you’re thankful for in the present and 2) You tell someone else your goals. . The sky is the limit on your goals and gratitude. Put anything you feel comfortable sharing. We’re all here to support each other. I just posted my goals and gratitude on our Goal Board to get the ball rolling. Can’t wait to see everyone’s tags up on the board! Feel free to share your goals and gratitude on social too! . My 2019 Goals are: Body- Workout on my own at least 3 times per week. I know I teach a lot of classes, but it’s not the same as getting my own workout in. I’m busier watching you all, cueing, counting music, and hardly have any focus on my own fitness. It’s your workout after all and not mine. I want to be strong so I can give the best classes possible for y’all. What counts as a workout is a pretty liberal definition- my goal is 30 minutes of anything from walking to yoga to Pilates to TRX. Mind- I’ve been LOVING the @headspace app. I’ve meditated every day for almost two months and feel so much better. I feel less stressed, more focused, and calmer. My goal is to continue this routine throughout this year and see check in on how I feel and progress throughout the year. Family- My goal is to have a date night with @newwildcatters once a week. We should do more fun stuff. New Skill- My goal is to learn all about videography and video editing, so we can have some amazing video content at Green Bird! . Gratitude Body- I am thankful for my healthy and strong body that allows me to teach so many classes every single day and work such a long schedule. Mind- I am thankful that my brain has the capacity to hold so much random trivia. Family- I am thankful for my mom and sister and how wonderful they are. Life- I am thankful for this amazing community of Green Birds! 💚

Why would someone ever want to spend 200 Hours training to become a yoga teacher?? . 1. To INSPIRE others to do things they didn’t know they could do. That moment when a yoga student rocks flip your dog for the first time is powerful for both student and teacher. As the teacher, you got them there! You built their confidence up, supported them, prepped them, and then boom! They rock flipping their dog! . 2. To MOTIVATE others to be active and do something beautiful for themselves. As the yoga teacher, you are the Motivator-In-Chief. Your presence, class sequences, and positive energy keeps your students coming back for more. They’re driven to get out of the house because they know you’re waiting for them. You hold them accountable and keep them wanting more yoga. . 3. To GUIDE yoga students from pose to pose with ease. Your easiness and calm translates to them. The more you’re at ease the more your students will also move smoothly and with confidence. . . If any of these points sound like something you’ve been aspiring to be, then join us for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training starting February 9. We’ll give you the tools to be a confident, fun, inspiring, and motivating yoga instructor. If you’ve been on the fence and been saying “next year, I’ll do Yoga Teacher Training?” for years now...what are you waiting for? This is your time. . . More info about our training via link in bio. Questions about a payment plan? We’ve got payment plan options as well!

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