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The Work Out

At Texas Green Bird Fitness we believe that workouts are meant to be fun. Our workouts are for everybody. You don't have to be a professional athlete or a warrior. No experience necessary because you are already STRONG. You are even stronger than you think you are. Yes, you! This is your work out. You made the time out of your busy day to come to us and work it out! Therefore we are going to give it our all to challenge you and to support you. Let's do this!

Texas Green Bird Fitness uses the principles of Pilates to provide a core-centered work out. It's fun. It's intense. We're going to make you work!

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Big congratulations to Stephanie who hit her 250th class! 🎉🎉🎉Stephanie is a rockstar! She’s a dedicated lady who’s been exercising regularly with us since we were in the little red house. Stephanie worked out through both of her pregnancies, all the way to the end, even rocking a 5 minute plank in the first trimester! It’s hard not to give it a little more when the 9 month pregnant woman beside you isn’t taking a break. Stephanie’s always a beacon of motivation in class, coming every week and giving it everything’s she’s got. Congratulations Stephanie! We’re so proud of all you’ve accomplished! You’re one strong woman! 💪🎉🥇

Reduced schedule next week for Thanksgiving! Last class on Wednesday 11/27 is the 9am Pilates-Barre Mix. The Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday classes are a blast and something you don’t want to miss if you’re in town. Sign up ASAP as these classes do sell out every year. 💚 . . . . . . . . #atx #austintx #dstx #drippingsprings #hillcountry #havefun #thanksgiving #pilates #barre #barreaddict #pilatesmat #getsweaty #turkeyday #abs #legday #riseandgrind

All right ladies time to get in formation. We have a photographer coming to shoot during the 9:30am Pilates-Barre Mix Class tomorrow. Just look cute and we’ll have a lot of fun. This photoshoot is laidback and supposed to capture the happiness of the Greenbird community. Just channel your own Sasha Fierce persona and let’s slay. Excited to have a good time tomorrow with y’all! I’ve got all our favorite songs on the playlist. #wedontworkweslay

We know this time of year can create stress and tension. So many competing priorities, errands, multiple to-do lists, and unending grocery trips. That’s why we’re offering Yoga Flow classes specifically designed to relieve your stress, calm your mind, and challenge your body. Tomorrow at 11:30am is our first Yoga Flow in this series. There’s a special Lauryn Hill vs D’Angelo themed playlist for you too because good music makes everything better.💚 . . . . #pilates #atx #austintx #dstx #barre #yoga #yogaeveryday #yogaeverywhere #vinyasa #friyay #holidays #keepaustinfit #southaustin #yogaanywhere #yogaeverydamnday #meditate

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